NEWS - 01 Feb 2022

Nike’s Larry Miller, His Story of Redemption and Building The Jordan Brand


Larry Miller has been a top executive in sports and athletic wear for decades. As the Chairman of Nike’s Jordan Brand, he’s in charge of a multibillion-dollar global apparel juggernaut. But as a teenager growing up in West Philadelphia, he made a violent mistake that haunted him for decades: he murdered an 18-year-old man, Edward David White.

Later in life, as he ascended the corporate ladder, Miller kept his past a secret, afraid that it would jeopardize his career.

In this episode of The Limits, Miller tells Jay Williams why he couldn’t keep his secret any longer, and how he took Michael Jordan’s ideas and turned them into one of the most successful athlete-driven brands in the world. Plus — what he says about the possibility of Nike collaborating with Kanye West.

Larry Miller’s new book is called Jump: My Secret Journey from the Streets to the Boardroom.

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